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Treat Your Screenshots Like a Guided Tour

Looking for a place to live is much different now than it used to be. In the past, you’d need to find a guide or realtor, take time off of work, and drive all over touring different homes or apartments. Now you can go to a site like Zillow and, without leaving your couch, look at all the details of properties available for sale or lease in your target area.

The best real estate listings give you a sense of place. Just a few pictures can tell you how the rooms fit together so that you don’t have to put the pieces together yourself. The photographs walk you through the property. You can tell that the front entryway leads directly to the living room, which is a few short steps away from the kitchen. The bedrooms are down the hall, and the bathroom is central and easy to access.

When you look at these photos, you start imagining yourself there. The coffee maker can go on the counter by the refrigerator. The television goes on the wall between the windows. Your clothes will live in the right side of the closet, and it looks like your partner will have plenty of room for their stuff, too.

You haven’t even set a foot in the space but you can tell it’s at least worth checking out, just because of photos.

Your app’s screenshots should do the same thing for your potential users.

According to Apple, search queries are responsible for 65% of App Store downloads. The majority of your users will find your app because they searched for something to fill a need. People will be convinced to download your app only if your page on the App Store is convincing.

Good imagery will help do the convincing.

After people glance through your App Store screenshots, they should have a good idea of what your app does, how it works, and how it feels. Put simply, your screenshots should help people picture themselves using your app. As you decide what to include, think about what your average user will want to accomplish with your app. Then, make sure your screen shots show them how easy it is to reach those goals.

This can be a challenge since you can only include five screenshots in your App Store listing and your app might have a lot of functionality. Just remember that your screenshots need to help people picture themselves using your app to accomplish a goal and you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition!

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