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Why App Preview Videos Are Vital in iOS 11

A few weeks ago I wrote about how, in iOS 11’s App Store, you’ll be able to include up to three preview videos on your app’s page. In the weeks since then, I’ve looked at a lot of App Store pages and have been surprised by how few currently have previews. While this isn’t a big issue for the App Store in iOS 10, the redesign for iOS 11 will make preview videos vital.

The betas are still rolling out and things may change between now and when iOS 11 is released this fall, but it looks like app preview videos are going to autoplay everywhere, from the featured apps tabs to search results to the app pages themselves. Apps without videos will be less attention-grabbing than apps with videos, which will cost their developers downloads. Whether you already have an app in the App Store or you’re working on one, you need to start thinking about your preview video now.

As you start planning, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Videos will autoplay with muted audio, which means that most people will watch your videos without sound. Make sure your video makes sense whether or not people can hear the soundtrack or voiceover.
  • Videos should help people understand the experience they will have with your app. Make sure your videos are as effective as your screenshots at giving users a guided tour of your app.
  • The pacing of your video is important! If it moves too quickly, people won’t be able to tell how your app works or if it will help make their lives better.
  • Thirty seconds isn’t a lot of time, so make sure you highlight two or three of your most unique or sought-after features.
  • You can add title cards, captions, and other copy to your video to help orient potential users or explain to them what’s happening.

As of this writing, two app previews that do a good job of checking all these boxes are Scanner Pro and Slopes; check them out if you’re looking for examples of videos done well!

Apple has a great page explaining how to capture video of your app which is why I didn’t go into the mechanics of doing so (although I would recommend that you invest in Screenflow to help speed and simplify the editing process).

Need help figuring out your app preview strategy? Want help dealing with all this marketing stuff so you can focus on development? Let’s talk about how I can help your app succeed.

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